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Services we provide:

Homebirth care including comprehensive prenatal visits in our office, 24/7 on call availability, labor and birth care in your own home, and extensive postpartum care all the way to the 6 week visit and beyond

Childbirth Education Classes with comprehensive, general childbirth education that is useful for parents delivering both at home or in the hospital, whether we deliver your baby or not.

Lactation counseling

Well Woman Care including pap smears and breast exams

Preconception Counseling

Referrals for supportive doula care for women who deliver in the hospital: there is so much research that supports the common sense fact that a woman who has the undivided attention of a support person throughout her labor and birth has much fewer complications and is at far lower risk for c-section.

Referrals for Placenta Encapsulation

Services we do NOT offer include: