About our Services

Services our Midwives provide include:


  • All prenatal visits, labor and birth, and postpartum care through 6 weeks. Prenatal care is provided at the main office, with weekly home prenatals beginning at 37 weeks. Additional home visits can be arranged. There are 4 Community Circle prenatals included in the prenatal schedule to incorporate the benefits of “village” or “centering” care.
  • Extensive postpartum care includes immediate care after birth, a home visit at 24 hours, 1 week, and 2 weeks, and an office visit at 4 weeks and 6 weeks. One of the best parts of birthing at home is recovering at home! No car rides with the newborn! We encourage staying home and embracing the concept of the baby moon. We discuss postpartum planning during your prenatal care.
  • Routine lab collection at the office (please be aware there is a separate fee charged by the lab for processing the labs).
  • The baby’s initial exam at birth, 3 additional home visit checks in the first 2 weeks, weight checks at the office whenever you want one, and on-going breastfeeding support. We will also administer the Vitamin K injection and erythromycin ointment if you wish. We will collect the metabolic screening test at the 5-7 day visit, as well as complete the applicable state birth certificate application with you. Our scope of practice covers well babies up to 6 weeks of age, but we do require that you are established with a primary care provider for the baby for on-going care.
  • Homebirth services including waterbirth, VBAC, breech, and twins in appropriate circumstances.
  • Riverside Midwifery offers the women in this community the chance to experience the birth of their children in a personal, loving, glorious, and life-changing way, in the comfort and warmth of their own home, without sacrificing the safety that comes with evidenced based care delivered by a responsible, compassionate, highly educated, and skilled midwife.


Other services:

  • Preconception counseling.
  • Well woman care including Pap smears, nutritional counseling, family planning, and basic primary care.
  • Resources and references to community doulas and child birth educators.
  • A selection of pregnancy, birth, and women’s health related teas, essential oils, and books.
  • A calendar of classes related to birth and families.
  • Consult visits regarding homebirth services. There is a fee for this visit but it is applied to your midwifery fees should you hire our midwives for your birth. We also provide the opportunity to meet our midwives at our free monthly Meet and Greet.


Services our midwives do not provide:

  • Abortion of any type at any time. As the founder of Riverside Midwifery, Nannette believes in personhood from conception and the existance of the eternal soul for every human being. This underlies all care at Riverside. She realizes there are situations and circumstances where pregnancy is a burden more than a blessing, but she hopes that a woman would consider adoption over abortion for a child that she cannot care for.
  • Circumcision. With respect to families and their choices, we believe that circumcision is a harmful and unnecessary procedure that has become an American cultural habit but should have never been nor continue to be routine. We believe that just as the woman should be the agent of decision for her own body, your son should be the agent of decision for such a permanent alteration to his own body. We offer education and resources so that families can make a fully informed decision about this elective surgical procedure. We also offer resources should families decide that circumcision is indeed something they wish to have done to their son. http://www.intactamerica.org/

Every woman has the right to informed choice based on unbiased information, and that she should have as much control as possible in determining her care. At Riverside Midwifery we believe that every woman as an autonomous individual must take responsibility for her choices. The midwife is a facilitator of the normal process and is responsible for providing safe, evidence based care including evidence-based, non-intervention, and alternative options. If a woman’s needs or choices fall outside the safety and scope of the midwife’s practice, collaboration and referral to other health care providers including physicians is the responsible course of action. Safekeeping of all aspects of the woman’s well-being should be the motivation for any action of the midwife.